lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

What is love...

So...many of you may live love in different kinds of ways...I don't belive in luck...but i do belive in destiny... i think everything happens for a reason...
So here I am today letting the world knows how happy and proud of my relationship I am today.

Yes, Im a teenager and i have a lot to live but in this beautiful present...Im happy to know that i have this cute,beautiful,faithful,honest,etc guy that stands by me every day of this life... this guy who reminds me how much he loves me, that loves me although Im just waking up or as pretty as i want to be...IS A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT every second Im with him...

Many people is single...many people dont want to be in love again because their hearts has been broken and maybe its hard to fix it up...I've been through not nice...i been laying in my bed for like 2 month of doing nothing but sleep and eat just like cats do...i didn't wanted to do anything but cry, and...ITS HARD!
But you have to see that there are more guys who can bring you up...Oviously you'll say "no one can replace him..." or "I won't find anyone like him (I want to die!!) "... but trust me it's not true.

before beginning a relationship with my current boyfriend ( 1 year and 2months together), was super in love with a guy 2 years younger than me, which turned out to be the guy who I thought never replace, thought that there was no one like him and was willing to wait as long as necessary ... the best medicineFRIENDS with them I realized how others saw me with that boy ... all felt the same ... whether or not to agree that ... That guy used me just for sex .. I was angry and could not believe that expecting a boy I had usedand lied a lot ...So I took my way in life and without asking for help although I was sooooo sad...Time and life put me this guy in frony of me...Maybe youre reading this and you stop and say.."And ...this makes any sense?" ..Read it again an just THINK...or letTIME to let you know. <3
  ...........................................Mey C.

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Golden Beauty

Because blue jeans....

Because blue jeans....

Short sleeve top
$116 -

Rebecca Minkoff summer jacket
$325 -

Ksubi denim skinny jeans
$200 -

H m
£1.99 -

Giuseppe Zanotti bootie boots
$930 -

Salvatore Ferragamo tote hand bag
$1,350 -

Pave jewelry
$5,900 -

Dsquared ring
$125 -

Morra Designs gold jewelry
$140 -

Forever21 glitter jewelry
$6.80 -

Gucci striped sunglasses
£180 -

Modstrom shawls scarve
€30 -

jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Inspiration...Kristen Stewart

Inspirated in one of my favourite actress Kristen Stewart known by playin Bella Swan at the Twilight and other movies ofcourse...hope you like it (:

Discovering Polyvore...

So today i discovered Polivore...this website is amazing! my best friend and causin showed it to me an i get so amazed ... so ...for those who doesnt visited it this is the POLYVORE site.

Hope you like it and follow me (: xoxo